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Pinnacle Expeditions And Touring Nepal

Being the home of Mt. Everest, Nepal is often referenced in the tourism sector as a place of striking beauty, landscape, culture and religion. A country filled with the heartland of Eastern culture with a heady mix of culture and landscapes that border multiple aspects of their neighbours creating unique and somewhat coveted destinations.

Going from the familiar yet distinct urban sprawl to the more remote and traditional villages, there is something for everyone in Nepal. With a cultural mix of Eastern and Western commingling, to create a country of contradictions and puzzles that will surely surprise and delight you, as you travel around the markets, to coffee shops into the trekking and mountaineering giving it a sense of multiplicity, it is the spirituality aspect that catches the eye of everyone.

Not just the landscapers and majestic mountains, Nepal is filled with temples, shrines, gurus and a sense of the spiritual. Nepal has become a number one hot spot for those looking to cleanse their soul and find themselves a little piece of tranquillity where they can grow and expand their mind while still having a foothold in the West through internet access and the thriving coffee scene.

Acknowledging and exploring the potential of this beautiful country that offers up so many avenues and options; the team behind Pinnacle Expeditions felt that they would offer up a comprehensive and tailored service that gives you all the best aspects of the country with the minimum of fuss and maximum enjoyment of what is called a trip of a lifetime.

Touring around Nepal opens the door to a wide range of experiences from festivals and food to the natural world. You can lose yourself in the country searching for enlightenment one day and trekking the next capping it with a trip to a bird sanctuary, conservation area or the wetlands to see a wide array of exotic creatures in a more naturalistic environment.

Historically the region has a huge number of temples and shrines and the kind of beautifully curated religious icons and buildings that will have you snapping images of the buildings alone and delving deeper into the towns and villages embracing the colour and texture of a land that has thrived and prospered across the centuries to become one of the most beloved and respected locations on the planet from tourism to film in Neal. Nepal has a mystique that has to be seen, appreciated and valued on a surface level for its openness to the deeper state of calm that is so often talked about.

With the team at Pinnacle Expeditions, there is a sense of peace involved. The team are all familiar with the most jaw-dropping and adventurous trekking regions of Nepal, have experienced the beauty and want to share that with travellers which shows in their passion for both travelling and travellers.

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