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Powerful Girls

In this video, models Emily, Anna, Lillia, and Aiyana have come together to make this very special video with the empowering message of ‘Powerful Girls’ and ‘Sisters before Misters’.

The first section of this special showcases them in all-denim looks. Denim jackets and jeans, matched with combat boots; a look that symbolizes strength. From the golden jewelry to the make-up looks, this introduction truly gives us a small taster of what to expect next.
The dance they perform is ‘Wannabe: Spice Girls’, a song that symbolizes friendship over relationships. Their dance coordinated with their theme, and the outfits they were wearing.

For the second section of the video special, the girls wore fashion-wear dresses. They looked extremely fashionable, and the dresses complimented them greatly. Their hair was wavy and free, showing a more carefree side to them. Although still with rather serious faces, the dresses match well.

In the last half, they all wore gorgeous white and blue gowns. They looked absolutely gorgeous, showing a more elegant side to them. This look contrasted with the strong, independent side shown in the denim look; however, they do radiate gentle beauty in these evening dresses.

This video specially implemented the message of female power and that you don’t have to be in a relationship when you have your lady friends. A message that should continue to spread.

Producer: Love Collection
Director: Ha Hoang
Cinematographer: Erolle del Rosario
Models & actors: Emily, Lillia, Aiyana, Anna
Venue: Battersea Power Station- London

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