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Tribute to the Milanese stylist Rossella Cavioni and her creative work.

Rossella Cavioniwasborn in Milan, one of the famous international fashion capitals, and she inherited the artistic vein from her father who was a painter. Following her innate talent, she devoted herself to drawing and her great love as a child, fashion. She first attended an authoritative design school, obtaining a full qualification as a fashion designer and later, in 1990, a diploma as a fashion designer, at the prestigious“Kandinsky Institute “ in Milan.

The training course started in the showrooms of the famousVia Montenapoleone in Milan where she prepared the clothes modeling that will subsequently be sent into production and drew the sketches for the annual collections. Her recognized talent, noted in the Milanese fashion circles, led her to be commissioned for a specialization course for wedding dresses and fabrics, at the “Ripamonti Institute” in Como. Her attention to evening and wedding dresses led her to seek a deep experience in the sector and then she began to work in the famous Annamaria Casale showroom, before arriving in the Atelier of one of the most famous Milanese fashion districts. Later She Worked for the Rovelli atelier in Corso Garibaldi as a designer and began to create her own collections for clients.

She made tailor-made clothes for Rovelliuntil 1994 when she decided that the time has come to realize her dream of all time and open her atelier to design and create tailor-made wedding, evening, and ceremony dresses for their particularity today they are recognized not only for the exclusive cut but also for the care in the choice of particular fabrics and colors.

Taking Advantage of the innumerable experiences in organizing wedding events, RossellacreatesWedding Planner courses in collaboration with the Artisans Union of the Lombardy Region and organizes fashion shows. In June 2014, on the occasion of 20 years of activity, her high professionalism was further recognized with the “ Milano Production” career award.

The style of her wedding dress is marked above all by the exasperated search for fabrics and colors. Hero Collections do not strictly follow white and its shades, they play on wedding dresses that can also become evening dresses. Also, a source of inspiration is the history of fashion from 1300 to the present day with a proactive look towards the future.

Her Atelier via Crema 20 Milan, is an unequivocal point of reference for the fashion of excellence in the Wedding sector and evening dresses not only for the city of Milan but nationally and internationally with a continuous and attentive activity of contacts, relationships, and promotion of her business and her brand. From 2021, Rossella is also one of the prestigious and established brand Ambassadors of the INFINITO Village International Group.

Rossella, also out of love for talented young people eager to pursue a career as a fashion designer, is a university professor of modeling and tailoring at the “A.C.M.E. Fashion & Design Institute “.

Contributed By: Saif Rahman Sozib for World Fashion Media News

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