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The Architects Of This Success Rosario Stagno


The crown virus hits Italy not before the important closing event of Milan Fashion Week 2020 VOLKSWAGEN INTERNATIONAL FASHION WEEK AUTOCOGLIATI MILAN. Today our newspaper interviewed One of the architects of this success, Mr Rosario Stagno.

Saif: Good morning Rosario and First of all congratulations on this umpteenth success.

Rosario: Thank you Saif for your compliments and especially for your interest in our Events

Saif: Rosario, as a born idea to create this important event?

Rosario: Idea was born about 2 years ago thanks to the collaboration with AUTOCOGLIATI MILANO on behalf of its owner Mr. LORENZO COGLIATI It that we had the idea to create a unique event to match the beauty of the Volkswagen cars with the beauty collections of the designers and all worn by beautiful models and was BORN the VOLKSWAGEN INTERNATIONAL FASHION WEEK AUTOCOGLIATI MILAN. Whose 1 Edition held in February 2019 saw the presence of 10 international designers and 400 people Who attended the event. An unexpected success but well studied in detail thanks to the collaboration of DIAMOND PRODUCTION EVENTS, our marketing director BONNY CESARI, our webmaster RAFAEL VENUTI, our Press director ENZO FERDINANDO STAGNO, and our very good and beautiful casting Director & Cooregraph SVETY SOL

Saif: After the 1 Edition of Milan there was an Edition of Rome and then arrive at this last edition of Milan all as a script, 3 SUCCESSES, right Rosario?

Rosario: Yes Saif, 3 great successes that I repeat unexpectedly but studied well in the smallest details, details, that make you make a difference with the other Events scheduled in Milan Fashion Week. The 2 Edition Roman in collaboration with AUTO CENTRE BALDUINA confirmed this format Is winning and above all winning the healthy collaboration between the participating stylist as being in a large family. This 3 Edition was born with many important projects, making It even more important, in fact, 16 DESIGNERS have joined this initiative and of which I THANK YOU and there are: CLAUDIO GRECO, JARIEL BY GABRIELE BONOMO, TANIA SHAKHMATOVA, ACCADEMIA MARIA MAURO, OLGA MIKHAYLOVA, WALESKA PRIETO, SCALZI & PAREATI, GRAZIA URBANO, SIREDEA, CIGDEM KARAVIT, RACHELE RICCA, LUCIANO FIORE, WOLF WALLEY, ROSA VARANDA, OVERKIDS, MARIA ELENA DI TERLIZI, and despite the virus crown exploding like a bomb in our region we manager to Carry It out in a FANTASTIC way with the presence of 300 people, 30 models of the agency THE BEST MODEL AGENCY, ESM MANAGEMENT BY EMANUELE SICIGNANO, STELLA DELLA MODA, PICCY MODELS of which I THANK YOU for their important collaboration, too, the makeup artists and hairs stylists CELEBRITY HAIRS STYLIST, MIX ART, HART DECÒ for the fantastic job

Saif: Rosario, what are you still planning interesting?

Rosario: Saif, the next step from 16 April to 20 April 2020 there will be the 1 Edition of ART FASHION WEEK in Barcelona in collaboration with CAREY GALERY which will combine ART, FASHION, and BEAUTY with the presence of important designers and international artists. Then there will be an event about which I care so much the finals of the International beauty competition THE BEST MODEL OF EUROPE 2020 that will take place from 30 August to 5 September in LLORET DE MAR ( Barcelona ) finals have arrived on the 9th Edition and of which i.m proud to be the CEO and captain of this beautiful FAMILY.

Saif: Rosario, we thank you and wish you good luck for your important and always beautiful Events

Rosario: Thanks to you Saif, and I take this opportunity to tell you, that you, and the newspapers that you represent, Will Always be held by us in HIGHT regarding official partners.


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