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Olga If Celebrates Her Second Anniversary Of Double Guinness World Records® In Fashion Achieved On 8 February 2020 In Madrid

After achieving double GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS®, designer and entrepreneur Olga IF continue her success in the world of fashion and filmmaking. In February 2022, designer and entrepreneur Olga IF celebrate the second anniversary of her double GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS in Fashion, achieved in Madrid, being the only person in the world with double GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® in Fashion; and, in addition, the only person recognized with two records in Fashion in Russia.

The designer and businesswoman also appear in the list of the “50 best Spanish designers in history”, occupying the 19th position, according to the website “El Jardín Rojo”

Olga IF is also the only Spaniard to have attended as a speaker at the United Nations High-Level Global Forum, which was attended – by other personalities and world leaders – by the Holy Father, Pope Francis, and the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres.

After 2020 full of events inside and outside Spain, with a great international projection, the year 2021 has been for Olga IF the year of recognition by the Fashion sector and the specialized Media of its status as a benchmark for inequality, inclusion, and diversity in Fashion. In 2021 Olga IF has been awarded as the main promoter of equality, diversity, and social inclusion in the fashion world.

In addition to fashion starring adults, Olga IF has opened a fashion line called “kids dress kids”, which has paraded in several fashion shows in Spain and other European countries, under the competition @maestrokidofficial and the brand @kidrawsofficial

Last December, the last fashion show of 2021 took place in Jerez de la Frontera, where 22 children wore fashion designed and created by other children.

Due to her regular contact as a designer with the world of Cinema and Television, Olga IF has decided to undertake a new line of creation as a scriptwriter, creating her profile at

Olga has been awarded the 2021 Screenwriting and Interactive Film Competition for her work “film made by Teenagers”, a reality show that will be broadcast on television format.

Also in 2021, the fashion designer and entrepreneur has been awarded for her script for the documentary “Guinness World Records”, winner of the International Center for East-West Geopolitical Projection Award for best script in the documentary category.

Screenplay ¨Beyond Limbo¨ selected as a nominee for the Winter/2022 competition of the Montreal Independent Film Festival.

Her screenplay entitled “Beyond Limbo”, has made it to the official selection of the Fox Film Festival and the Diamond Eye Film Festival 2021. Olga IF’s work tells a love story in which the lives of the protagonists are shown – in parallel – on the real plane and in Limbo.

Already in 2022, Olga IF has finished her new script, with the working title “Improvised Morgue ¨, whose protagonists live a passionate love story during the weeks of March 2020, in the midst of the State of Alarm caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Many of the scenes recreate the setting of the Palacio de Hielo in Madrid, converted during the hardest and deadliest weeks of the pandemic into an “improvised morgue” to house dozens of corpses that could not be buried in the cemeteries of Madrid.

Olga If attended the Cannes Fashions Days and the official sessions of the Cannes Film Festival 2021 as a guest, accompanied by the prominent Italian actress Yulia Zhiveynova-Ferrara.

Her projects have attracted the attention of the Oscar Academy, which has congratulated Olga IF saying “WOW, what an incredible, wonderful achievement!

In her hometown Madrid, Olga IF presented one of the official awards at the 20th edition of the Imagineindia International Film Festival, held in the Spanish capital.

Finally, Olga is working on a new script about the unique story of Yulia Zhiveynova-Ferrara Russian-Italian actress. It is about a mother’s unconditional love for her daughter and her adoption process. A controversial story in which the Italian court accepted Yulia’s request to adopt Christina while her biological mother was alive, while the Russian court decided to return Christina to her biological mother in Russia.

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