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Serbia Fashion Week:
Fashion Collections Inspired By National And Cultural Heritage

President of Serbia Fashion Week Svetlana Horvat

The 19th Serbia Fashion Week was officially opened in Novi Sad in the hall of the Master Center of the Novi Sad Fair. This year’s National Fashion Week is part of the European Capital of Culture 2022 project and hosted many fashion designers from Serbia and abroad. In addition, the program includes interesting exhibitions, but also seminars where eminent domestic and foreign experts will speak.

Day 1
Before the start of the fashion shows, the audience was welcomed by the President of Serbia Fashion Week Svetlana Horvat:

“Welcome to the European Capital of Culture 2022 and the 19th Serbia Fashion Week. This edition of the National Fashion Week is very special for all of us because this year is Novi Sad, the city where the Serbian Fashion Week is held – European Capital of Culture 2022. It is a great honor for us to be part of this project and I hope in Novi Sad have time to visit other cultural events in our city. The cultural heritage of each country represents a special protection of art and fashion. designers indirectly draw inspiration for their collections from the cultural identity of their country. That is why the 19th edition of Serbian Fashion Week is a crossroads of culture and art of European countries. I am very happy and proud to be able to welcome all fashion designers, partners, and media representatives, who will spend this wonderful week in Novi Sad with us, live or online. I believe that together we will create beautiful memories over the next few days, “said Svetlana Horvat in an emotional address that officially opened the only licensed fashion week in Serbia.

In the first block of the show, we had the opportunity to see the creations of Spes Line designer Jovana Živković and RA fashion designer Teodora Radenković, then TMV Fashion and Lasher brands designer Aleksandar Lazić.

The creations of Spes Line by designer Jovana Živković and RA fashion designer Teodora Radenković are unique and striking. A fantastic blend of casual relaxation and elegance.

A collection of children’s clothes was shown at the TMV Fashion fashion show, and small models, like professionals, walked merrily with their fists to the long applause of the audience.

The feeling is amazing and I think everyone can see how happy I am. The collection is called Black Swan, and it was inspired by our customers. You had the opportunity to see how smiling and happy our little models were on the runway. could move nicely, they were not restrained, and the materials were specially chosen, organic cotton, “said Svetlana Cavic.

The first block was closed by a fashion show by designer Aleksandra Lazić and her brand Lacher. The garments from this collection are elegant and refined, without unnecessary details, but still very effective. The special guest at this show was the pop star Jelena Tomašević.

In the second block, Slovenian designers Sanja Veličković and Alexander Bratcher from Serbia presented their collections.

Sanja Veličković’s collection is inspired by the Vinča culture, the fashion show began with one of the most beautiful original Serbian songs from Kosovo. This song was most often sung at weddings.

The creations from Sanja Veličković’s new collection are unique, dominated by shades of orange in combination with black.

“The collection is inspired by the Vinca culture and the way people lived then, when there were no wars, when there was peace when there was freedom. The basic message of this collection is that we should become human again,” said Sanja Veličković, a regular participant in Serbia Fashion Week.

In the second block of the first day of Serbia Fashion Week, we saw a wider range of colors presented by Alexander Bratscher in his new collection. For his Color Block collection, except in the spring, he found inspiration in freeing the world from the Covid-19 pandemic. The designer wanted to bring cheerfulness and smiles with bright colors.

At the end of the first evening of the 19th edition of Serbia Fashion Week, Croatian designer Jadranka Šegota presented her new collection. Recognizable for skillfully combining leather with other materials, this talented designer left the audience breathless.

Photographers: Nenad Karlić, Danijel Rauški, Milan Babić, Milan Milojić

Day 2
The program continued with an explosion of creativity on the catwalk. Almost all designers have found inspiration for their new collections from the cultural heritage of the countries they come from, skillfully combining modern and traditional elements. The second night of Serbia Fashion Week was marked by original and impressive shows that were accompanied by applause.

At the very beginning of the evening, the collection inspired by the cultural heritage of Serbia was presented by designer Silvana Tošić. Her creations are a perfect blend of glamor and tradition, and the show itself was fantastically complemented by the sounds of traditional music.

Designer Katarina Vidović presented an elegant, modern collection inspired by Queen Victoria.

This was followed by a fashion show by Greek designer Georgie Chioni and her brand SkiN IT Fashion. Clothing pieces from this collection exude rock and punk.

After that, we watched a fashion show by Montenegrin designer Kristina Marović, whose collection includes motifs of folk costumes from all over the Balkans.

In the continuation of the program, the audience enjoyed the creations of designers Milica Tričković and Jelena Zorić, who combined their creativity to create a new brand, Lovely Apple. Their collection is innovative and explosive, the color they used brings serenity, but also a breath of extravagance.

In the last block of the second evening, the Swedish designer from Morocco, Imana Belmkaddem, and one of the most famous Serbian fashion designers, Marija Sabic, presented themselves.

The collection of the creator Iman Belmkadem exudes her native Morocco, the fashion show was accompanied by appropriate music, as well as the choreography of the models.

“I used traditional winch fabric. This fabric is usually used in luxury decorations or traditional kaftans, and in this collection, I used it for a very modern wide jacket with Swedish design”, said Imane Belmkaddem. Her fashion show was watched from the front row of Moroccan Ambassador to Serbia Mohamed Amin Belhaj.

At the end of this fashion evening, designer Marija Sabic presented her collection. The models wore elegant and glamorous models of delicate colors complemented by fluttering scarves.

Day 3
On the third night of the spring edition of Serbia Fashion Week, the audience enjoyed the fantastic creations of Serbian and foreign designers. We have seen collections rich in different ideas with cuts and fabrics, but what they have in common is that they skillfully combine the most valuable from the past with elements that belong to the future.

The program was opened by designer Latinka Djordjevic, recognizable by creations that have no seams. She used merino wool and silk, which is why the designer sought inspiration for the design in nature.

“I am inspired by a healthy lifestyle. I have always wanted to live in a completely natural way, that is why I created a collection dominated by handicrafts “said Latinka Đorđević.

After that, something completely different followed. The guest from Hungary, Anet Csizmazia presented the collection she designed for the ZIA Budapest brand. The audience enthusiastically watched the fashion show.

“The focus is on creating a more beautiful and better world. We make timeless and quality creations that will forever be a part of your wardrobe “, said the guest from Hungary.

In the second block of the show, we saw the collection of Dutch Designer Carmichael Byfield, who presented clothes in a modern style that make innovative creations with colorful prints.

Designer Valentina Dukić presented her collection of glamorous wedding dresses as if they came from a fairy tale. Models on their fists looked like modern princesses. Everything looked magical and fairytale-like, and the audience rewarded it with a big round of applause.

At the very end of the evening, the catwalk was dominated by designer Boško Jakovljević, who presented his new collection, which he designed for the Martini Vesto brand. In the first part of this great collection, we saw clothes of intense colors and prints, while the second part is more reduced and calm with the dominant black color.

Then, at the end of the evening, a fashion show by designer Jelena Malešević followed, which presented an extremely interesting and original collection. The futuristic, avant-garde design of her creations is different from everything we have seen since the beginning of the 19th edition of Serbian Fashion Week. A unique blend of past and future.

“The name of this collection is Time Less, which means its timelessness. I found inspiration in the prehistoric civilization of Vinča “, said Jelena Malešević.

Contributed By: Saif Rahman Sozib for World Fashion Media News

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