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Shopping Diva’s: The Milanese Luxury Lounge Ready For The Inauguration


On Wednesday 25 September Shopping Diva’s, the showroom that will best represent the Made in Italy luxury in Italy and in the world, will be inaugurated.

Located in Milan in Via Monte Napoleone 21, in the heart of the most famous fashion district in the world, Shopping Diva’s, strong its members with decades of experience in the commercial and productive field of fashion, is a reference point for designers who want to use its many services, to make themselves known in Italy and abroad: Shopping Diva’s, in fact, collaborates with many partners and is projected on the international market especially in Japan, Korea, Russia, United Arab Emirates, and China.

And it is precisely in the latter country that Shopping Divas makes its mark by managing an exhibition space of 1000 square meters in an ancient and prestigious pagoda just a few steps from the Forbidden City, where it organizes days of sales and brand presentations that it represents to the general Chinese public through the mass media and buyers. Further help to this company comes from the presentation of the brands in exclusively reserved clubs.

Shopping divas are present in China in the most strategic cities: Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu and its influence expands to other territories outside Asia such as the United States of America and Europe, where it is very active in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.


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