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Sima Gift Love Global Awards

We congratulate all leaders, Awardees, Ambassadors, and advocates who are a real source of pride and inspiration in today’s global communities around the world. We also thank you the SIMA member board.
This event it’s celebrating, one time a year, in different parts of the world, are our main goals. It’s a fundraiser on the night abs celebrate all the awardees and members of SIMS from around the globe to support our worldwide charity programs. This year, the gala was launched, an international program for single, mothers, and entrepreneurs with the full support of another non-profit organization based in California, where the next year’s gala will be.

SIMA Globals Rising from zero to millions. Mothers help other enterprising mothers and become CEO of their businesses.

These programs are dedicated to entrepreneurial single mothers who need global support to achieve their first million themselves, and then help other single mothers to do so as well.

These mothers will be recognized with this legendary, and prestigious award, honoring Robbie Motter in service to his community, and sisters, around the world.

SIMA Global’s legendary “Wall Street Robbie Motter Award” for the first time ever, will be presented personally to Robbie Motter at the global SIMA Gift LoVe GALA in California on April 2, 2022

In addition, this legendary award that is given on each occasion will be recognized around the world.
We invite you to take part and support us in the next Gala, the fundraiser mission is to have enough funds to invest in basic tools, as well as in each of these businesses to lead them to success.
We also invite other non-profit organizations to become part of this worldwide program. Collaborations and alliances are vital to developing pilot programs and achieving objectives in less time added the CEO: founder of SIMA Global Foundation Ada Gartenmann from London, England.

How can you stand up?
The program has a platform from sustainable fashion to others, where we have been putting it into practice since 2016, giving opportunities to designers from Latin America and other nationalities where they are helped to exhibit their colorations in London, creating press and network awareness. Where they can also develop and collaborate with other influential people around the world, in both fashion and entertainment.
To carry out this event each year, in London, we do it through compilations and decisions by means of the SIMA council members.

SIMA Global Sustainable Fashion Show: We are here to support, inspire, empower, and create awareness to help people. How we can save our planet and helps others to survive and improve their lives in different ways: The Sustainable Development Goals, with a holistic look at how fashion and creative business can play a role in building stronger societies and economy, creating healthy environments through positive solutions; using old clothes and buying to give away for charities. We are happy to present this year, one of the best outcome talents designers. We have also added the SIMA -WWTS collection, part of the program: Toma y Dona ( take and give ) to promote/reuse clothes.
Collection from the WWTS ( World Women Talent System ) at The SIMA Love Gala on the 20th of November, London-UK.

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