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The Madrid Tourism Delegate, Almudena Maíllo,
Receives The Commemorative Medal Of The Double
Guinness World Records Of Fashion Achieved In Madrid

• Most models in a Fashion Show
• Most nationalities in a Fashion Show
• Inclusive catwalk with professional models and models of different capacities, serious illnesses that
they have managed to overcome and form countries in conflict.

The Tourism Delegate of the Madrid City Council and General Secretary of the Union of Ibero- American Capital Cities (UCCI), Almudena Maillo, has received the fashion entrepreneur Olga IF, who has presented her with the commemorative medal that, along with the certificates, accredits to the businesswoman her status as a double winner of the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS®, in an inclusive catwalk held in Madrid on February 8.

The businesswoman, of Russian origin but living in Madrid for more than 20 years, expressed her gratitude to the Tourism Delegate while highlighting the fact that Madrid has entered the history of GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® with a double record, something unaccomplished to this date.

Olga IF agreed with the Madrid City Council Tourism Delegate that Madrid, despite the huge tourist flows it receives year after year, is maintaining its authenticity, its quality of life, and its condition as an open and inclusive city.

Recently, the deputy mayor of Madrid, Begoña Villacís, stressed that the city of Madrid should be recognized for its Fashion, a sector which the current municipal team trusts to be able to face the economic crisis, with creativity, innovation, and ideas.

Precisely, the catwalk for which Olga IF has been recognized with a double record of GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® had an inclusive character, participating in the parade together with professional models, models with different capacities, with serious illnesses that they have managed to overcome, as well as other models belonging to countries in conflict. The participation of these models has been possible thanks to the collaboration of refugee NGOs and international women’s aid associations, which have been involved for months in the selection of participants in an attempt to beat the title of GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® in Fashion in Madrid.

Almudena Maillo congratulates the businesswoman Olga IF for having achieved a double World Record on a catwalk held in Madrid and underlines the contribution of the catwalk to the fight for social inclusion, diversity, and equality.

In the case of most nationalities, the participation of 78 different nationalities has been accredited by the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD® Organization, while the record for the most models in a fashion show has been established with 421 models.

The most prominent designers whose clothing has been part of the double-winning show were: Jelena Kepics (Hungría); Tirza (Mëxico); Sandra Viera (Portugal); Fatkulina Sunduz, Tayana Alypova, Laboratorio Suziem, Laboratorio de Anastasia Yarigina y Viacheslav Dongak, (Rusia); Maison Mesa, Imaginative Fashion, Lina Rojas, Kidraws, Soy Gorda y Que, Inridelo y Cache Croche (España); Bqueen (Moldavia); Kristina Marovic (Serbia); Rita Blondet (Puerto Rico); Janio Renwick (Panamá); Valentina Hoyos Semanate – Valzemanate (Colombia); Soledad Villa (Ecuador); Bous Fashion (Nueva Zelanda); Lizz de Vidal (La Salvador); Charity (Uganda ).

Specialists such as Marco Aldany Cavanilles, Workshop Experience, VFBL / Victoria

Fashionland Beauty Lab and Sherezade Puryayevaly have done the styling.

The challenge of the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® of Fashion in Madrid has also included the following outstanding professionals from the world of Fashion and entertainment:

The choreographers Annick Angèle Allabi and Karel H. Neninger; the first ballerina of the Kazan Opera and Ballet and honorary artist of Tatarstan Alina Shteynberg; Edegey fashion theater, Míster Tourism Spain 2019, Samuel Lopez Arcos; Miss Elegance Universe 2019 model Kimberly Moens; Top model, Miss Social Media 2018 Sensemielja Sumter; Top 10 Finalist Child Model 2019 Jenya, among others.

About Olga IF:
Olga IF, is an extraordinary woman in every way, who develops her life and her career making her way in the world of fashion, breaking all stereotypes and fashion standards, and helping children, women, and men fulfill their dreams.

Olga is today one of the creators of Fashion and organizer of Fashion events with the greatest international projection, capable of showing the world that the current scenario forces us to project ourselves with a global mentality.

She is currently in the Fashion market with two projects Mastro Kid; with the slogan; Mom I want to be a fashion designer” and; Modavision “- an international competition, along the same line as Eurovision in music, but in this case with the theme of fashion.

A PRESTIGE AWARDS 2020 award winner, with a profile on Wikipedia, she is currently in the Fashion market with two brands: Imaginative Fashion and Kidraws.

Imaginative Fashion designs became well-known thanks to the appearance of 14 Olga IF creations on the USA TV show American Beauty Star is one of the most followed television shows in the United States. The look of Olga IFs creations could be known by millions of viewers who followed with the utmost attention to the chapters in which the Imaginative Fashion clothes, one of Olga IF&s brands, appeared.

Olga IF recently received an award at the International Competition World Folk Vision, organized by the Eurasian Council of Culture Science and Education held in Sochi (Russian Federation) in September 2019.

She has been a sponsor and Jury of various beauty contests and international fashion contests in Spain and other European countries.

Always determined to experiment with new creative fields, she has participated in the Shop Windows Contest in “Madrid es Moda 2019”.

The list of publications in which Olga IF has been interviewed is endless, both in Spanish and international specialized magazines, highlighting Vogue, HOY magazine, SuenaFM, TASS, ABC, Europa Press, Agencia ELE, ABC, Europa Press, La Vanguardia, Life Style Plus Magazine, Excellent Magazine, District TV, Tele 5, Direct Madrid, Antena 3, TV and Radio Mas que POP, and radio / TV Russia, among\ many others.

Media from different countries (Holland, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Maritime Islands, USA, Russia, Spain, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Bulgaria, etc) have been interested in her career and her large format projects, characterized by the ambition of their proposals and always with a global perspective of creation and Fashion.

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