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Through Jimmy’s Eyes: The Most Creative And Inclusive Brand

Written By: Bethany Robertson

All it takes is one simple glance to fall in love with the emerging fashion brand Through Jimmy’s Eyes. Each design they create presents the most exciting, eye-catching, and exquisite prints ever seen. Not only does Through Jimmy’s Eyes present the most desirably impeccable pieces of wearable art, but the line originates from the inspiring work of Jimmy Reagan.

At age 2.5, Jimmy was diagnosed with complex autism. Struggling with verbal communication, Jimmy turned to art as his form of expression and communication. Without a mentor, Jimmy found his own way to create art as he developed original, expressive painting techniques. Such techniques have allowed Jimmy to create innovative works with enchanting textures, brilliant color combinations, and intriguing shapes. As Peg Reagan— Jimmy’s mother and the founder of Through Jimmy’s Eyes— said in an interview, “While his work is often simple, it is also complex and full of emotion; art is Jimmy’s language.”

After receiving the suggestion to incorporate Jimmy’s work into a bow tie, Peg took action. When people saw the bow tie featuring Jimmy’s work, it became a huge success. Requests for the bow ties came pouring in, and Peg secured a manufacturer to bring the designs to life. This was the beginning of Through Jimmy’s Eyes (TJE).

“The TJE team takes great pride in transforming Jimmy’s original artworks into wearable art, allowing others to experience the world Through Jimmy’s Eyes,” Peg said.

And what a beautiful world to experience Through Jimmy’s Eyes! Jimmy’s art creates the most wonderfully breathtaking fashions. With uplifting colors, exciting shapes, and lovely textures, Through Jimmy’s Eyes is ready to take on the world with the most amazing collections. Everyone is sure to want a TJE original in their wardrobe.

“We like inclusion at TJE, and we believe that our fall line has something for everyone! Come join our team,” Peg said. “We hope viewers see that our line/products are functional and fun. They can be worn every day or dressed up for your favorite evening out.”

Viewers are sure to see such a perspective. Jimmy’s Eyes can add a pop of uplifting color to any wardrobe. TJE provides so many great pieces that it’s hard to choose a favorite!

On March 9th, Through Jimmy’s Eyes showcased its most recent collection on International Digital Fashion Week (IDFW). IDFW showcases the best of the best, so it is no surprise that Through Jimmy’s Eyes was invited to participate in IDFW. When asked what the TJE team enjoys most about being part of IDFW, Peg said, “IDFW challenges us to learn and be better. It has helped us grow as a brand and think differently about our business. We love to learn, change, and evolve!” Such sentiment will continue to lead the TJE brand to success.

Since presentations on IDFW are available for six months, viewers can still watch the best fashion brands on IDFW. To watch Through Jimmy’s Eyes’ presentation on IDFW, click here.

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