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Vietnam International Awards Gala In The Uk Is Successful

On the evening of May 29, the Vietnam International Awards Gala took place in London, UK The program is organized by Ladies of all nations international Vietnam-United Kingdom, Anna Foundation, and Park Pharmacy.

The program is a meaningful activity to celebrate the 70th Platinum Jubilee of British Queen Elizabeth II’s enthronement of the Vietnamese community in the UK, the people of the host country, and 20 national community organizations in the UK (United Kingdom) together.

The Vietnam International Awards Gala program was attended by the Deputy Embassy of Vietnam in the UK Ms. To Minh Thu, Mayor of Barnet County Ms. Alison Moore, Professor Caroline Makaka – Founder/ CEO of Ladies of all nations international and many others; Ph.D. professors from international organizations, associations in the Vietnamese community in the United Kingdom, France, Slovakia and the national community of the Continents

The Vietnam International Awards were created to honor the heritage, culture, unity, and cultural exchange of Vietnam. The awards are designed to honor those who are making a difference in the Vietnamese community and beyond, honor Vietnamese leaders in fields ranging from humanitarian, public health, promoting community connection, preserving national culture, Role Models, Business Leadership, Young Leaders in the Vietnamese Community, and the international community in the UK. The mission of the Vietnamese International Awards Gala is to create an atmosphere of warmth, care, and love, bringing pride to communities for a noble cause.

A total of 70 awards are designed to be presented to children and adults to honor leaders who have made achievements in areas such as commerce, community engagement, healthcare, and lifestyle. , preserving national culture and art, and connecting the Vietnamese community with the international community in the UK. In order to promote the promotion and exchange relations of Vietnam, the UK, and other countries, becoming more and more linked and moving to new heights.

During the solemn ceremony to honor the honorees, Mrs. Barnet County Mayor Alison Cornelius, Ms. Deputy Ambassador To Minh Thu, Ms. Caroline Makaka Chairwoman of Ladies of all nations international, Ms. Nguyen Nhu Thoai, Deputy Head of Department The organization gave the very profound welcome and thank you speeches.
The show opened with the song “UK in my heart” which was specially composed for the show with illustrations by more than 20 child models.
With traditional songs and dances expressing the love of the homeland, praising the beauty of the country and the people of Vietnam, the audience really attracted the audience to enjoy the art show.

The program also featured fashion shows Be Unique Be You (UK) and Vietnamese Ao Dai by 12-year-old designer Anna Hoang. Amazingly, the dress inspired by the Queen’s campaign to plant more trees to protect the environment that she designed has been auctioned for up to £3500. In addition, the program also auctioned a shirt with many autographs of the Vietnam national football team and famous coach Park Hang Seo donated by Ha Anh Tuan to raise funds to help children. 5000 pounds accumulated from that auction.

The total amount of the night’s auction was £8,900 for the Anna’s Foundation to help the elderly in the UK, for poor academic children in Vietnam, and for other international charities.

In addition, the program also had many special performances such as dancing, ballet, folk martial arts performance, and a lottery draw with valuable prizes such as 2 round-trip air tickets to London-Vietnam funded by Vietnam Airlines. Especially, the luckiest audience member received a holiday trip to Vietnam worth 1,000 pounds from the Thien Minh Group.

The program left many good impressions with international friends and the Vietnamese community in the UK as well as the Vietnamese community in Europe. Many spectators expressed their emotions, pride, and happiness to attend the solemn and humane award ceremony, upholding the spirit of cohesion between countries! At the same time, bring the culture and image of the country and people of Vietnam to integrate with British culture and raise the international level!

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