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World Fashion Festival Awards Dubai, Season 4, Best Hairstylist Awards, Irina Fensi

“I started my career in hairdressing in 2005 when I graduated from Christine Valmy International School, then I attended specializations and courses in academies in Romania and Italy.
I am an active member of an animal protection organization, and as a hobby, I can include my passion for abstract painting, literature, history, and nature.

Motto: The search for beauty in everything is my mission.”

How you discovered your love for hairstyle and beauty?
I discovered my passion for hairstyling when I was a child, I went with my mother to the hair salon and I was fascinated by what was happening there, I liked the ready-styled ladies and the changes that took place there … of course, I got home and I “beautified”; the dolls and girls I played with …

What’s your favorite thing about launching yourself in Dubai?
I like the vibe of Dubai, and the atmosphere and I like the people who live, live there … the culinary delight and the architecture are things that impressed me a lot

What advice would you give women living in Dubai?
The women of Dubai are wonderful … their role and the potential they have is impressive… as advice …. to remain just as beautiful and that source of inspiration for what is feminine, fashion, art, show, and evolution …

What products would you recommend for your Dubai clients?
There are so many products that love and help their hair … oils specially designed for moisturizing hair are essential … hair masks with UV protection should also be a must-have…

What is your workday life like?
A day in my working life starts at 6 in the morning when I wake up, I make my coffee (I think there is no hairstylist not to love coffee), I check my work schedule and appointments, then I get to the salon, where I prepare and undo the area work, I turn on the music (music is a fantastic source of inspiration and creates a pleasant atmosphere) and I greet my clients … time passes quickly when you are surrounded by people, offering and receiving joy …

What is your favorite thing about your job?
Favorite thing … I love to see how beneficial the color or style changes are and the clients find themselves or rediscover their beauty again … it’s fantastic to know that you can offer joy and trust, they are grateful when they receive messages of thanks and they come back with confidence again …

Is any advice for a younger generation just getting into the professional arena?
For the new generation of hairdressers, I can tell them to move with passion and dedication to this profession quite complex from my point of view … we need to complete this field of notions of chemistry, colorimetry, geometry, medicine, art, aesthetics -so the study is essential …

Should building a brand be a strong component of any hairstylist’s career?
The sources of inspiration can be infinite … it is essential to be able to translate them from the vision, in fact real … to look around you … man by definition is a creator…

What do you think is required to become a successful hairstylist?
The stages come naturally, the evolution and the effort made, as well, and can be rewarded with due merit, if you add value and substance, I think the brand can help you climb and become more visible.

How do you adapt to change?
I am a person eager to meet new cultures and people, I adapt easily because I have never mentally drawn my limits and preconceptions

What is your favorite product ever?
My favorite product is hairspray and hair oil … I always get out of the impasse

What have been your favorite red carpet looks you’ve done?
The next day of the festival, impressed by the designers’ collections (I want to congratulate them for the value they gave to the special outfits and dresses) I was inspired by the 50s and 60s, Audrey Hepburn was the source of this festival.

Who are the icons in your life?
Sharon Blaine and Georgy Kot are two international masters who are unmatched in the art of hair … I admire them, I respect them and I am inspired by their creation

You are the winner for the Best Hairstylist Artist of WFFA 2021 SEASON 4, how do you feel about it?
I feel honored … it wasn’t easy, but the other hairstylists were just as talented and prepared, and the backstage atmosphere was friendly … the experience of the World Fashion Award 2021 festival itself was unique, beautiful, and interesting for me… I encourage all hairstylists to participate and affirm/confirm their value at this festival …. it is worth it

How was your experience at WFFA?
The experience was unique, as I said before, I want to thank all those who made it possible for this festival to exist (organizers, members of the jury, staff,
competitors,), the location was beautiful and I felt great during the 3 days of the festival. Thank you and Viva World Fashion Award!

Contributed By: Saif Rahman Sozib
For World Fashion Media News

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