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World Fashion Festival Awards Dubai Season 4 Best Male Model Awards, Nabin Shah


Nabin Shah is part of Grup Romania frumoasa #GoldenRomania by Ms. Simona Simionescu Dinu, Romania’s National Security Strategy in the European context member, a visionary leader in the area of Talent Management, with a background in the media area, currently activating internationally in the area of Talent Development Management, being the promoter of the concept of special events #Romaniafrumoasa.

Nabin was awarded by Hit High and WFFA team with the BEST MALE MODEL AWARDS. By profession is a medical doctor and has a great passion for fashion and modeling. He is currently working as Medical Officer at Sarvanga Hospital. The man has performed for top-listed runway shows and endorsed various fashion brands. The man also holds the position of Managing Director for the fashion and modeling school called Dreams Institute of Modeling and Fashion, D-IMF. He is also associated with one of the best fashion boutiques in Kathmandu, Dream wears fashion boutique. He started his modeling career in 2016…done various top brands ads and many fashion shows national and international, collaborating with one of the best boutiques in Nepal.

You are the winner of the Best Male Model of World Fashion Festival Awards Dubai season 4 2021, How do you feel about it?
I feel awesome and wonderful to receive not just recognition but audience recognition for something I have achieved! I would like to thank Grand Platform WFFA, all my lovely designers, Luxury shoe Stefan Burdea from Romania, international project manager Simona Simionescu Dinu, and last but not least ladies behind this successful WFFA Event Ana-Maria Simionescu and Ioana Al Bada.

You look amazing at the World Fashion Festival Awards! You walk for many designers. Can you tell us the highlight of the event and your participation?
50 Fashion shows for consecutive 3 days is a highlight and kudos to the Hit High event for their splendid management! And my participation as International Guest Model Ambassador from NEPAL was invited by WFFA!

Which one was your favorite designer?
Silvia Actis Perino

Why did you choose to make a career in modeling?
“Being a model is the way I can combine the 2 dimensions of profession and passion: to contribute to life health and the stage, to bring beauty, well-being, and positive emotion!” I like style and elegance. And as a man, we need to inspire. A man is not masculine if he is ostentatious, A man’s power also lies in his ability to understand beauty, art, not just war but being empathic!

Where have you modeled so far?
More than dozens at the national level and at the International level like India, Thailand, and Dubai, and endorsed various fashion brands!

What has been the highlight of your career so far?
Apart from being Doctor won the title of Mr. College in 2009, the Best personality award at Panache Runway 2016, the top 5 in Top Model India 2017, and recently the BEST MALE MODEL 2021 award at WFFA!

What’s next for you?
Getting some International offers let’s see how it goes What is your biggest dream to achieve as a model? Frankly, till now haven’t dreamt like that! I enjoy modeling and the biggest achievement itself holds it.

How does a normal day look to you?
It’s a really hard question for me no one day is like any other day! I don’t get up exactly at the same time every morning! Though I am a person who likes an organized way but mostly I go through the flow of life! In short to tell you I woke up at 5:30 am-6 am, listen to spiritual music, freshen myself, and prepare myself to work out at the gym! After breakfast I go to the hospital as a routine job then return back in the evening to freshen up, took dinner, and finally go to bed watch movies and news, check the mail…and sleep!

Do you have a beauty and exercise regime?
Facewash, sunblock beauty regimen, and Gym club for exercise regimen What are your favorite beauty products / what is always carried in your purse Clinique products, Creed for fragrance, and planning to add Kiehl’s eye cream! I don’t carry a purse but do carry lip balm Labello and comb with me! What is your go-to everyday outfit? Jeans, T-shirt, Sneaker shoe

What was the best advice ever given to you?
My dad told me” Never do bad to others” but I follow “Never expect anything from anyone “even with self our own soul

Acting or modeling?

Do you have any advice for girls who want to get into modeling?
The reality of being a Model is much different from perception and full of rejection! Accept rejection! Don’t be overconfident, be grounded and a respectful attitude leads to a successful model!

What is your favorite country to travel to for fashion shows?
Spain, New York, Paris

Do you have any favorite fashion designers? Who is and Why?
At the National level is MANJU DHAKAL owner of Dreamwear Fashion Boutique from Nepal her Bridal wear for both Males and females is very rich, classy and elegant, and at a reasonable price! At the international level CK as it is simple, comfortable, stylish, fairly pricey, and easy to wear.

What would you like your audience to know about you?
My profession is Medical Doctor as well as a Model. Living life is very important even at worst and make the most of it!

Where can we see you next?
As a National Director from Nepal ����for Miss Environment International 2022!

​Contributed By: Saif Rahman Sozib
For World Fashion Media News

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