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World Vision Fashion Show 2019



Introduce yourself.
My name is Olga. I have two different and original brands. I take part in different social and charitable events and try to help those most in need. I am always looking to collaborate with different artists and personalities because she believes that in this world we all have to support each other.
I always aspire to the highest.
I dreamed of being in the most prestigious fashion magazine…and I did it. I appeared in Vogue
I dreamed of breaking international barriers… and I did. My brands went out in the USA – TV show American Beauty Star

Now my dream is to beat 1 GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® and register a new one, with her big event, WORLD VISION FASHION SHOW.
…. And I am sure I will get it.

What did you study?
I studied Mechanical Engineering and dedicated myself most of my life to performing this trade until 3 years ago when I decided to leave everything behind and finally follow my real dreams of being in the fashion industry. I have always been passionate about fashion, unfortunately, that choice in career was never accepted by my family or my culture.

What is World Vision Fashion Show about?
A wonderful fashion show guided by great hosts
Fashion anthem created through an international contest will start Fashion Show
• More than 20 acclaimed and new designers will show their designs on the catwalk
• 420 professional models and celebrities
• 420 different looks
• In addition, at the same time there will be developed incredible artistic shows: DJ sets, music, and dance performances

It is a platform where all the countries are united to share their designs. It is a unique project where just in one show you can see designers and their creations from all around the world. It is something that has not been done before. During WorldVision Fashion Show every country will have the opportunity to share their creations, and traditions and let us submerge in the magic world of fashion.

Olga participated with her 2 brands in Diversity Fashion Week Amsterdam in May 2019.

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