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World Fashion Media News first met Christina when she was here in NYC for her debut show. She was selected along with a small group of emerging designers worldwide to showcase her collection on the international runway. We interviewed Christina on the day of her show followed by a photo shoot.
She delivered a stand out collection that was a real favorite and hard to miss. 

This vivacious, New Zealand designer has a real passion for what she does, which is clear to see.
Her designs are fresh, fun and wearable, with beautiful and unique detail which has now become her brands trademark.

We recently interviewed Christina, as we have been following her since her debut show, watching her rapid progress and success with her brand Lilika Designs.  From being featured in the worlds top fashion magazines, Cosmopolitan , ELLE and Harpers Bazaar along with other US magazines, to now a published Author. 

Christina seems to go from strength to strength achieving whatever she puts her mind to. We thought we were due for an update.

We talk with her about the new book, her brand and where she is at in life. In true Christina style she is real, candid, honest and fun.

WFMN–  We want to know first of all when are you coming back to NYC?

Christina– I was there not that long ago actually, well last year!
To shoot our latest collection Skyscraper which of course was inspired by my first show in NYC. 
So I decided it would be so fitting and perfect to go back to where it all began!
On top of that I had the absolute pleasure of working with one of the models,
the lovely Gabriella Kaczkurkin from my debut show. 

I must confess she was a real favourite of mine and a darling to work with, I was so happy to get the opportunity to shoot with her for this special collection.  As a NYFW runway model we were unsure if we could make the timing come together so close to Fashion Week but we did!

One of the photographers Katherine Angelique whom was also at the show agreed to shoot the collection for me.   She is incredibly talented with a real love for what she does. The perfect team!
I had the opportunity to meet some awesome people in the industry which I have  kept in contact with.

So to answer your question, I would love to come back to your amazing city in the near future for some book promotions.
As in my book I write about my journey which includes my debut show.
It’s already on my list to come! Totally fell in love with NYC. 

WFMN–  You a now a published Author! What a huge achievement , tell us about your book?

Christina–   Wow I know!   I still cant quite believe I have written a book!
It was fun and so wonderful to be able to share my story, my journey and well, pretty much myself with the world.
I hadn’t planned on writing a book, it all just happened.   Some memories, lessons and notes written down, lead to a chapter, then another and another and before I knew it I  was writing my journey, feeling driven to keep going, to share what I had. 

Such an amazing experience and also a massive learning curve! 
It was a balancing act with finding time to make it all happen, while I was still designing collections and running and growing the brand.

My book  “Passion, Fashion And Heart.”  is about following my heart, how I walked away from my corporate career to chase my dream, with all the highs and lows that entailed. 

It is also follows 5 women with 5 different body shapes from all walks of life, their personal stories, how they came and conquered with some help and guidance on learning about themselves.
The other part of the book is packed full of how to style, looking after you and insider tips and secrets on all things girly.

Of course, there is also my backstage antics as well chucked in for some fun!  The rest you will just have to wait and read yourself! 

The official book launch is here in NZ , November this year.

I am very thankful for my amazing publisher Pat from Heartspace, that has put up with me!
A thousand emails from me, with my “I wanted it yesterday” impatience and long calls with questions, fired in excitement from all directions, haha, he totally rocks and we have had fun.
At least there has only been a few hours time difference with him being based in Melbourne, Australia.

WFMN–  What are you plans for Lilika in the future?

Christina-  To keep on designing and making gorgeous clothes that all the ladies out there will see, fall in love with and never want to take off haha! Well actually that is totally true and goes without saying.

I have many exciting things coming for Lilika that will work in alongside the book, that I can’t wait to roll out! 
This last year and a bit, has been about getting the balance right so I also had time to focus on and complete the book.  I decided to stay here in NZ with no showing off shore to make that a priority.

There will always be shows and I’m very blessed to have all my initial contacts and invitations still on the table, from around the world that are still in touch with me, whenever I want to take them up.

As much as I can’t wait to get back on the runway and so miss it, staying in NZ and seeing my “new baby” to completion has worked so well.
I also know that my  book is another whole journey and path I am about to embark on, which will hold hands with Lilika. Lots happening ahead, I am so excited and totally loving life!

WFMN–  If you could give any advice to someone, who is wanting to follow and achieve their dream, what would you say?

Christina– Firstly I would say, “You can so do this, and you have so got this!
Have thick skin when it comes to your dream and believe in yourself.
Have persistence no matter what is thrown at you, keep going, never give up and listen to your gut without exception!  Your absolute passion for what you want to do, will drive you and take you the rest of the way!

It is all about first making the decision, saying yes that you are going to do this. Then, it is a step at a time and it will all just come from there.

Have fun doing it- really do have fun and enjoy the process along the way!

WFMN– We cannot wait to get our hands on this book, and can only imagine, from what we know of Christina, it will be an exceptional read and one that will not be easy, to put down.

All the best to this inspiring, bubbly, fun loving woman, that really does give life everything she has.

Christina’s official book launch is March 19, 2019.

Debut show – Finale walk – Manhattan – Christina Kilmister – Model: Gabriella Kaczkurkin – Photography By: Katherine Angelique

Christina Kilmister

Model: Gabriella Kaczkurkin – New York City Photoshoot in Times Square – Passion, Fashion & Heart – Photography By: Katherine Angelique

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