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FNL Network’s award-winning program, Fashion News Live, always captures the most exciting happenings at fashion weeks. This past NYFW season was no exception. Rocco Leo Gaglioti, host of Fashion News Live this season, interviewed with the iconic Brooke Shields and her daughter Grier Henchy while covering Son Jung Wan’s Fall/Winter 23-24’ runway show.

“I don’t hand over my mic that often, but when I do, it’s for amazing people like Brooke Shields,” Rocco Leo Gaglioti said. “Brooke Shields is wonderful, and it was very nice to meet her daughter Grier Henchy. Grier should totally be on the runways at NYFW!”

Viewers can watch Gaglioti’s full interview with Brooke Shields and Grier Henchy on the FNL Network. FNL Network can be found for free on all of the platforms listed at or be streamed online at

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